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Here is a selection of Stephanie's poetry and poetical history...

Stephanie began writing poetry at the age of 16 and amazingly enough it was originally due to the boredom of waiting outside her best friend Caroline's house to come home from work if she was working late! Stephanie though has always been a keen reader as a youth and loved nothing better than to put her head and heart into a good book...You would find Stephanie from as early as the age of 5 waking up in the early hours of the morning reading novel upon novel and it must have payed off as Stephanie (Under school exam) had a very high reading ability at the age of 7 which more than doubled her age reading ability...

With Easops Fables being Stephanie's most treasured book (Which Stephanie remarkably is still in possession of!) and with Stephanie remembering all of her own lines as well as the whole cast's lines on stage, it makes sense that she paved her own way into poetry which prepared her way for creative writing/comedy/short stories and even more for song writing where at the age of 18 Stephanie began to 'sing' her poetry whilst playing a melody on the keyboards, progressing to writing song lyrics for her music

Stephanie continued to write over the years and has had a small amount of poetry work published in magazines etc..."I love the way my mind and thoughts can be transferred onto paper for either personal reading or for the whole world statistically speaking to see! I can put pen to paper literally about anything but I'm especially fond of writing about the feelings/emotions I have when I think of someone I like! I could even go so far as calling those type of poems 'Love Letters' but I still find that a little embarassing to admit!"

Love letters straight from the heart eh but did you know that Stephanie used to get terribly embarassed about anyone reading such personal matters of the heart and would barely let anyone listen to her music or read her poems although she has learnt over the years to uncover some of that fantastic poetry and no barrs held for Stephanie now as she prepares the way to make use of all those hidden small talents in the hope that they will be aired and published on a much wider scale in the future...

What a better place than to start write/right (Pardon the pun!) here and who knows! Maybe Stephanie is just being purely poetical or maybe her love interests will agree with her but we will leave that for you and the fans to decide! In the meantime...

Happy reading!

(We are currently waiting for more poems to be uploaded)

Doth Pray For Sad

The Solemn grazing trees that bare a wondrous fruit
on earth that they are so readily destined to fall
And yes indeed it is with their own ugly faces
that do nothing my friend but stare look upon with such frown
For why such injustice entails this morbid sacrifice?
For it is with but the truth that I know
Like too their hatred endures their own existence over time;
Oh how to find it is like forever as it is to my one chance of love
to which this too abandoned future is unwillingly placed at stake
Oh how I plead for you both, as your sickness renders your hopelessness
Tis but one life for you all so I doth pray for sad

Within all but such deepness there lies your cruel abrasion
And too within that sentiment will hold the imposturous fear
Yet the dark clouds which format so care filly
throughout the once light blue and force filled sky;
Will to never hear the whisper I say?
Like sight does barely see them dance in the night?
Yet here I stand to their hope of not but pure death
but how it repels so in my heart at your immoral ghastly wonder;
And here, as I stand, I do not doth pray for you but so pray for sad

The chance to wing for mere flight of air
beside the torrid loneliness of increasingly sordid pain
So wipe your own lives upon the sleeve of your deceit and untruths
for what is not sweet but such bitter that comes of unfaithfulness
To what is not light but venom that does mouth from your lips

So how do I plead for you doth pray for sad?
To which the moment is to where you will all grieve?
Ah but tis not but my master to whom that you so forth bring
but to your own selfish manner that you will so forsake
For it is nothing but my keeper that he too will fight
Likewise will fight for the truth to win for this battle of disgust?
For the fear I so now will doth pray for you both...
For the fear I doth pray for your sad

Once Beaten, Doth There
I do so forsake see though their distant lies,
and, as feeling as of this heartache, as of the purest of touch,
as, like that moment what else is there but to what is but real?
As is it but a presence of wonder is it not my love,
are they all but Heavenly Angels that I solemly have found?
Who is this that brings forth of my power of emotion to this day,
and whom to I know to be there, but still, is not quite as of yet?
And so too for time it draws near, but our son, like amongst them,
for he I can only say too, he does live;
Yet I fear...such a lifetime long away

Though awoken is that to which I now so happen to have found,
does that depend upon such careful matters of one's heart?
So...That it can be for my desire, it appears it fair will it always be there will it not?
For it is as real as real, as real as it is for me,
as, for ever is in this hope for longivity of us, that for one day,
we will be that of mostly, whom, which together will be that in harmony!
So now...Do come with me, as I hold out my hand,
and to each and every one of them they shall feel;
And yes I find it does reach, for within it that power
be it known from this day, it is he that I have loved, and
more forever forlorned with death, doth do I have lived;

And so I begin to have followed, and, to follow mostly of thee my love.
For that of your love, is that of intense, and of real, and of pain, and of fight...
And so it is the light that is predominant and is featured?
So too of this dying earth that we walk in, it so too do walk,
that is of course of this matter, as the light is now close;
Much needed and greatly that this future foremost in our lives,
set not apparant, but as nothing we can do but so pray...

For whom is it of this soul who is so required to be?
That does follow me for that, but of kind immure of stature?
For it is of homely and of giving, and of lifelong affair that does know me as right,
as it finds acts upon to be forgiven, as does for oneself, likewise...
For it is one whom I beleive to be that of an Angel that so do pray,
and of an Angel that so forth brings; Will thee take heart of this perfectionist of love?
So be it for our destination? That is both true of all present today?

Oh by the darkness and oh by the light that I find amongst your rythum,
that I will by that of your law, lathe by your side for an eternity to come,
and it is there that I comfort both thee, all, more and every one of your needs...
So doth shine bring forward your heart, so as you do, it does honour
I do obey as you to my friend, as you as my saviour;
Only in a world that forfeits us with emptiness, cruelty
and an unknowledgeable lack of faith, will we succeed to the next,
for it true keeps us apart and is nothing but hurried, worn, troublesome, lame...
How can I forget my love, that it is but to your only world
that I have known in my heart? Yet it has been through both
your eyes that I have seen, and so what I cae here doth to learn never?
My love is to tell you, that to what lust is to fair, is to one that is of
which is to one truth, for, I have loved only but you and so far
is to mean, as to what I do come here to say?
It is nothing but what has been done and has been always been
since ever was ever, even as ever always was before time;
And the reason I give to you but as in nothing but to thee
the knowledge and the serendipty of here to
For you to know that I have nothing but a want for you
and for your kind that will last...beyond all death;

So here I stand forth, in my armour, my shield...
I stand strong against a blaze such as
So be it not to blame, all that is lost as in child?
As in hope to become? Want is fair? I serve you protect, as to love in your life,
soul weakened, soul destroyed, your justices failed;
Ye can look? Can ye see? As your near distance finds?
He who listens doth hears such foresight, such of myth;
Doth ye feeleth my magical thoughts as of minds?
Doth yae breathen to run in your fair in your light?
A heart that doth beaten with you, as of one, is; A heart...
...too beaten once beaten, doth there.

Stone Of Blood

Softly and yet spoken are your words and of your cherish
to my ears they call a wonder, they of Heaven
One but voice does stand alone, and of my heart from which torn hope
yet it strains, thus keeping distances of love

I fear for lathed and feelings, as it motions, as it raise
that such force upon this earth, or as it means;
You fear not, am all but Angel, and give hopeth all that chance
tell me love, is it not of such endearment?
Oh want of such desired that have cometh here to know
and you named, your truth is living in such light?
Know that darkness need not be nor too it's sacred hell no more
though but longer live in frail than in thee mercy that thane right?

If hope takes way thy grieving, all the pain it then destroys
for ties love sides us that truly hath succeed?
Theist pride differs for your justice, and alone is not to want;
Has their greed all cometh over not to shy?

Oh so greatened that you are, yet oh so pitiful ye mourn
show it not thy have thus cometh here to do;
You are met but in my hand and for your eyes they want to cry
but is it not upon your story that you can?
If it reads, seething it not, your fated here now that it did
in such fancy sold and fleeting hope of days;
Oh come deaden here with me, on this here very blood of stone
So not forbidden, nor want to need change thy ways

To want alone with me and not alone for but as first
and as your first, that is you will of course remember
A long and such of time that have come waiteth here for ever
and be it ever haveth cometh long before an end

Trudge not but it true forward than emotionless if back
will find a place, deep within it is your soul;
There be you find and still as calm, I waiteth there and just for you
'tis not my goal but dear, a love, so deep within it is but you
oh great is of the memory, which I feel as that is right?
Do I read me for your mind but as your own?
Come die, die here with me, upon this stone and of this blood
and so come dye love here with me...Blood of stone