An Eye For Art...An Ear For Music...A Story To Tell

Radio Presenting

Radio Cabin (Herne Bay)...Stephanie presented on this local radio station for many months...She ran and produced her own show 'Anything Goes' a few days a week playing a range of music from 1920's to date...The discussions and topics involved included everything from the daily papers to her grandmothers toe nails and UFO's..."Sometimes I could never get any words out for laughing so much at what me or the other DJ's would come out with! Tony, our studio manager back then, used to play mean tricks on me too! Once he made up a strange name to which I had to read out after the weather for the 'Birthdays'...I couldn't even pronounce it and got all tongue tied and sounded ridiculous!"...Stephanie also co-presented alongside other Radio Cabin disc jockeys to whereby some of them are still on air today!

Amongst her time at Radio Cabin Stephanie raised various monies for charity here aswell as doing live PA's, recording radio plays and a variation of tapes for the public including the Royal National Institute for the Blind.

Disc Jockey  

Stephanie has been a Disc Jockey both mobile and in clubs and pubs for many years. The furthest she has travelled to a gig is eighty miles and the longest set she performed was fourteen hours though she did manage to sneak a 30 minute break near the end! Stephanie ran her own promotional night 'Desire' at Jazzmins nightclub Bromley to whereby she would end the weekends with style. Going by the name DJ name 'Angel D*lite' and wearing big white wings, two floors were kitted out London club style with stars and back drops. Upstairs of course being Heaven which included bowls of fluffy marshmallows and downstairs being hell to which tortilla chips were accompanied by hot salsa dips. The staff were dressed up as either angels or devils and Sundays will never be the same again! Hoping to re-launch 'Desire' after being approached by UK Bookings Stephanie is currently in talk about other clubs and promoting this fun packed evening. Look out on the latest news page for further information.


Though Stephanie admits to not being much of a singer she can surprise even the hardest please at times. Shyness always kept Stephanie from singing on the stage alone as a child but Stephanie has since proved that she can captivate an audience whilst knocking out various covers whilst perfroming with house bands. Stephanie has done various gigs over the years performing her own songs and has made various appearences lately perfroming her latest single Survival. With at least six albums of origibnal unique material behind her Stephanie need never write a song again but insists that making music is like making a cup of tea to her...Stephanie persists "I was born to do this...Why not try and earn a living out of something I not only love doing but something that pleases so many other people too?" I don't know about trying to earn a career but if Stephanie really knew how much she could be worth as an Artist she may fall of her chair!  


Stephanie is very musically creative and can make music or a song out of many instruments or anything that be used to make music! She can play the keyboards, drums, bass, guitar, piano and over the years has achieved this either in bands or as a solo performer...Stephanie admits to not playing frequently enough to be exceptional though she does give herself credit for being able to knock out tunes such as Stairway to Heaven on the acoustic without any lessons whatsoever!...."Peter Harris (My sister Kirsty's father) has Motorhead Phil Lynotts first hand customed made bass guitar that he keeps safetly away for me a rainy day!"...Phil gave it to Peter when he was touring with them...He was apparantly getting a new one and just chucked it at Peter telling him to take it home! According to Peter Phil chucked a lot of thing including unsuitable women but he mainly chucked up especially at the after parties! 

Though not trained Stephanie has a musical ear and can pick up many an instument and at least get something out of it! The most funniest of all being the accordian to which Stephanie just happened to give it a whirl whilst it was on sale at a local boot fair..."I picked up this worn out old accordian and before I knew it I had a huge crowd of people dancing away! They were all laughing and I just thought poo! Whoever had it before me didn't look after it and it stank!" Stephanie goes on to say that the perfromance didn't last long as the accordian was so old that a hole blew in the side of it...Luckily Stephanie got away without having to pay for damages and Stephanie laughs "I could have paid for it as I had a few pound coins chucked at me as they must have thought I was busking!"  


Stephanie has produced a few dance and urban tracks which are out on the album Indigo Child and Alpha Omega...She has recently been in the studio co-producing an R&B version of Survival with Jo Platinum (Original track out on the album Survival) Stephanie has also produced and co-produced various radio commercials and music and teamed alongside Paul Smailes, recorded an advert with Stephanie being both the writer and voiceover for one of Grahem Gold's Kiss FM adverts...To date Stephanie has just finished producing her latest single Like The Sun and is working with a new band to release many of her yet to be heard but highly sought after indie music

Indulgence 102.9fm (London)

This the very first radio station that you would have been able to feast your ears on Stephanie though I don't think, according to Stephanie, that it was the most desirable set up..."I didn't know at the time that it was illegal to man your own radio station and I was egged into letting them set up shack in my flat in Romford, Essex at the time! It looked quite a sight as people in various long coats and black sacks (To hide their vinyl) would continually be in and out of my apartment to whereby we eventually attracted the attention of the local cops! We didn't know but that was when they first put us under surveillance!"


Stephanie went on to say that even though they were professional with their objective to running Indulgence, She eventually moved due to complaints about noise but whilst she was on holiday her new flat got raided to whereby they originally thought she had been soliciting!..."I was used to going out with Martine McCutcheon ('Tiffany' Eastenders) at the weekends and had bought an array of outrageous clothing including many furry outfits that me and Jodie Marsh (Celebrity Big Brother) used to go clubbing in! The old neighbours had complained that 'Lots of men in raincoats looking suspicious and handing over goods are trading and soliciting with a lady from a flat in Romford'...I came back from Ibiza which was my first holiday in ten years to find my flat boarded up with huge police notices up everywhere! The police were very apologetic though and they had to laugh but I was lucky to not have been charged with allowing a pirate radio station to be broadcast from home!"

At one point Stephanie she feared for her life over a pirate radio station set up though this time it wasn't anything to do with Indulgence..."An old friend of mine had asked me to accompany him to some flats once as he had to 'fix' the transmitter that was situated in a lift shaft in a block of flats...I was so naive back then and I tried to open a cupboard that the transmitter was hiding in whilst my friend just seemed to dissapear...Now I know why he left me! It wasn't his transmitter and he was trying to steal it! Suddenly out of nowhere I heard loads of banging and my friend was cornered on the stairwell to the flats by lots of huge nasty looking men!

Curly Coil Springs

They were all shouting at him and nearly beating him up until I heard him say 'I'm visiting my  sister and her baby'...I realised quicly that something wasn't right and I had to back up his story else he would have been seriously injured so I walked calmly out of the doors and said 'Oh there you are! The baby's asleep now! Oh! What's happening here?'...The guys suddenly all rushed past me through the doors to try to find whoever was trying to steal their transmitter! We bombed it down the stairs and out the flats! The guys had been watching the lift shaft door from a flat across the stairwell and had it all alarmed! We were lucky to escape and after my friend nearly blew my eyebrows off more than once whilst soldering transmitters and asking me to hold things whilst he plugged them in, aswell as many a curly coil spring bouncing up into my eyes, in I realised, not being criminally minded and the added fact that I wanted to live at least for another ten years of life at least be it not end up in prison or in a burns unit, I made my departure and left and quite quickly at that!