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Now we are back, we thankyou for your patience whilst the website is being fixed and updated

Note: The hacking also means Stephanie lost all her credits/status on #Google Fortunatly this will slowly build up again by entering 'Stephanie Page' into #Google and by clicking onto this website...Thankyou

Film Galore

Stephanie has been very busy over the last year or two filming with many titles and parts to her name...We will be updating and opening a new website as soon as possible with lots of updates to follow


Stephanie has just been cast in this new film as a 'Bank Hostage'...Coming soon!


Stephanie was recently cast in this new thriller as a 'Surgeon'...

Turtle And The Sea

Stephanie was cast in this film about a true 'Love Story'...Playing a very small role, Stephanie was a 'Member of Audience' at a private gig set within a Chapel as part of the film...


Stephanie has been cast in a brand-new TV series!

Playing the part of  'Kate' Clampers is a gritty comedy drama about the everyday running's of a dodgy clamping company in the west midlands
Set before licensing was in place, telling the ups and downs of the company its self and the employers lives at home and at work






Stephanie recently played the part of a plane passenger, 'Putting On The Ritz' (Her make up) on a plane to Ghana! She goes on to say:

"I was so engrossed at watching the air hostesses on set that I forgot to ask when this film is released on TV! All I know is, its being shot in Ghana and in England and is released in Ghana before coming out sometime on Chanell 4 over here!"

For those of you who dont know, Virgin Airways in any film/advert etc use real air hostesses and thus why Stephanie spent the day at the 'Virgin Atlantic Training Centre' (Fleming Way, Crawley) in a real portion of a plane alongside the rest of the cast and crew

"It was a fun day and I got to see just how crucial it is for Virgin to train new recruits, something I contemplated years ago but never followed through as per usual!"

Well, Stephanie didnt work IN the air but ON the air as a radio presenter so she kind of made part of the journey at least! (And if anybody sees this film be sure to let us here know what one it is!)

Yamla Pagla Deewana 2

Yamla Pagla Deewana 2

Stephanie recently filmed for this superb Bollywood film....Acting some small parts alongside the lovely Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol, Stephanie played a fully kitted 'Ninja' (Yes with weapons!) using her previous martial arts training to give its full effect, and also tripling up as a 'Bar Dancer' (Think Coyote Ugly!) dancing to the latest Bollywood tunes and last but not least a 'Tray Waitress' as she carried real glasses on a silver tray around the clubgoers!

Stephanie went on to say "I trained years ago as a 'Silver Service Waitress' and therefore was able to carry the tray above my head with full drinks in without spilling a drop! It was scarier than the ninja part to whereby I had great fun really getting into character!"...I'd say! Stephanie nearly knocked out a few of the cast after taking her part so seriously! I wouldn't like to bump into Stephanie in a light alley let alone dark!

Stephanie also worked on set during the filming of YPD2 and was busy all of the days that she filmed chopping and changing from set to acting..."I was doing so much on set that I had no time to breath hardly! In fact I dont think I came up for air until I got home!"...Home being Birmingham at the time as Stephanie worked alongside Jason Ash who co-stars with her in Clampers (New TV series) 

To be continued

TV Commercial



Stephanie recently shot a Television Advert which was screened on British Television this summer...


Due to its Swedish sponsers, it was aired firstly in Sweden, naturally!

Stephanie went on to say..."Its funny as I recall myself saying a few years ago how I was against any advertising of this kind and how 'I would never be in an alcohol advert!' but I honestly never knew exactly what it entailed until I arrived on set! I was only told about so much of my job prior to our shoot and may have even turned down the shoot had I have known otherwise?!"


More than happy to film and not walk off set with regards to its content Stephanie being professional did her job for the day and thoroughly enjoyed the shoot for this advert and alongside meeting, making friends, and workin with some fab actors, models and crew, Stephanie was one of a few who didnt drink on the day...

"I personally dont drink or rather it is very rare that I do and am more than aware of the dangers of alcohol after studying various medical sciences aswell as saving a few lives from alcoholic poisoning over the years...All in all though? I had a totally amazing day and alhough I have not yet been to Glastonbury? This advert certainly gave me a taster of what to expect!"

In the light of anyone affected by alcoholism please contact

Radio Presenter

Radio News: Stephanie will be presenting live radio on a wednesday night...

*Watch This Space!*


Having problems uploading? Enjoy listening to some of Stephanie's songs here...

Egyptian Blockbuster

Stephanie was recently cast in an Egyptian Film that is going to be as big as Harry Potter in Egypt though it doesn't necessarily mean it is anything like Harry Potter!


Stephanie goes on to say..."Although my role is relatively small, I do actually have a proper role in this film which means I will be seen on the Big Screens this time which will be really good exposure for me! There is only 3 of us in this particular scene and one of us 3 is the major Egyptian star so as you can imagine...This is going to be fun to watch especially for me!"



Some of the cast were joking with Stephanie saying that once this film airs she needs to be prepared to be kidnapped by a rich Arab!

They told her that because she will be recognised, someone will fly over and kidnap her and hold her up for a large ransom! Well...Wedon  mind here just so long as we get a cut of the fee!

We will keep you up to date with this production once they have finished filming



Stephanie plays main nurse in the film

(Pics taken on set of motion picture)


Patiala House

Stephanie has been cast in this fabulous film Starring the wonderful Akshay Kumar...Stephanie cannot reveal the part she has yet although she is also in the film throughout as an an extra too...Stephanie goes on to say:

"I do have a small role aswell as some speaking lines in this film which is gonna look great once its all been edited! Its always good to get a speaking part in a film no matter how small the part! Its amazing working with Akshay again! I think its about my 3rd or 4th film with him now! Akshay is such an amazing actor and also quite a heart-throb aswell as being such a kind and lovely person...In fact ALL the cast & crew on this set are wonderful people!"

The scene showed here is just a small clip of what has so far been filmed as part of Patiala House...

You can watch the Channel 4 coverage of this movie here...

Patiala House Akshay Kumar Interview...

Rimmel London













Stephanie was recently cast in a Rimmel London advert...

You´ve already been aquainted to Rimmel thanks to the likes of Kate Moss, Sophie Ellis Bexter and the more recent Coco Rocha

Stephanie was amongst a few other talented model/actors for this great new video which is still in post production...Filmed in the swanky Embassy Club (London´s Burlington Street) this is something to defintaly watch out for in the near future...And the reason being of course?

*Because she´s worth it...*

Jeffs Motto

Stephanie was cast in this short comedy as directed and produced by Mike Gould

Recently advertised in Your Local Guardian

(This film is still in post production)

Regent Theatre

Stephanie recently performed on stage at the Regent Theatre, Hanley (Stoke-on-Trent|)

Starring alongside the wonderful actress 'Catherine Shevloff' (Coronation St/Emmerdale/Heartbeat) and top entertainemt drag/comedy act 'Warren Macdonald' (Various London Theatres) this was a wonderful array of dance and drama incorporated into the wonderful 1940's Air Hostess themed adventure

The beautiful and hilariously choreographed clap-line teamed with the saucy sassy show is now over but you can catch Stephanie on stage at the Victoria Halls (Hanley) in July to whereby she will once again enlighten the stage with a completely new act alongside a new cast line up again not to be missed!

Watch this space!

House Full

Stephanie has recently been busy in London shooting her part in this latest Widescreen production...From an amazing cast line up with a few more special guest stars thrown in, to the even more amazing directors (Think 'Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels' and you're half way there!) Stephanie has been more than busy on this multi-million pound film set which will have you reeling with laughter when you see the scenes that she was called in to do!

Keep your eye's and ears peeled for 'House Full'...It certainly will be once this Bollywood bonanza hit's the cinemas! 

Happy Birthday!

Stephanie went down a storm redently after making a PA at the Regent Theatre as part of their 10th Birthday!

Stephanie sang an array of covers including Roberta Flacks 'Killing Me Softly' and the Carpentes 'Top Of The World' as The Regent Theatre opened its doors to the public as it celebrated its 10th birthday...Theatre workers also gave the public a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life on-stage and off whilst Stephanie continued to entertain the crowd in the Brittania Suite

The 'Ghosts of the Regent Past' tours also provided a rare chance to go behind-the-scenes whilst meeting performers and stage hand & actors were hired for the parts of a ballerina on the stage, a conductor in the stalls, and a pantomime dame and actor in the dressing rooms. Even though the theatre holds tours on a regular basis, it has never been possible to see people pretending to be at work!

There was also a taster workshop for people interested in drama, singing or dance, and an exhibition of photographs chronicling the various productions and building work which were displayed from 5th to 20th September during the show times

The 'Exhibition' was held outside the Britannia Suite on the second level of the building to whereby photos included The Queen’s visit, Derek Jacobi opening the venue and lots of famous faces who have treaded the boards here over the years

Now I Know  

Stephanie recently remixed a version of 'Now I Know' the much awaited new single by the No.1 music man in the industry Robert Owens (Compost Records)  and at the same time secured a definitive place on the next album release...

It has been a while for Robert Owens since his last classic hits such as 'I'll Be Your Friend' and we have misssed alike the soul touching vocals and the cleverly arranged club anthems from this music maestro but once again to our joy and delight Robert Owens is hitting our stereo's and clubs with 'Night Time Stories' and what we think is the best album he has written/produced to date so far...

Stephanie will be featured on the next album and attending the London Studio's to remix a brand new track sometime in the near future...We will keep you posted! 

New Single

The latest dance track by Stephanie Page is an upbeat commercial trance composition consisting of an unforgettable start and a fun mid-break that will have you all guaranteed to boogie-boog up your air guitars on the dancefloor this summer to this Spanish paella mix!

'Like The Sun' is currently out on white label or available online in 'Contact  Details' Mail Order but will be in your high street stores soon...

Get your Limited Edition signed copy exclusively through the website...Personalized for you at No Extra Cost!

Soul Boy

Stephanie was recently cast in this 70's 'Northern Soul' based film whaich was shot on location in Stoke-on-Trent...Acting alongside Alfie Allen (With Lily Allen as big sister) Stephanie danced and scripted her way through the film and by the sounds of it ate lots of rather nice bread pudding!

"I have been on some film sets where the catering is much to be desired and although this was not the most impressive of film banquets, they did make a jolly good bread pudding to whereby I kind of over indulged a little bit too much! Let's just say that my custard was well shaken and far from stirred"

Souled Out (Ipso Facto Films) is currently in Post Production

See for furthur details

Christmas Single

With the heartbreaking storyline Survival  is set to be a Christmas hit...As the lyrics take you through the homelessness and abuse (Video coming soon) the melody will have you moving along with a familiar but unique sound...Sit back and listen to the original Survival Charity Edition or dance away to the Survival R&B Mix but whatever you do...Survival will get you thinking

Survival Charity Edition is currently available on the album Survival through various retailers including the charity organistaion Bromley Mind or contact us here and we will be happy to send you a copy...

The all new 'Christmas Single' and Acoustic Solo Version will be available for purchase by November 2010 

See 'Contact Details':  Mail Order 

*Note: Survival will now be released at a later date: See Top Talent for furthur details*