An Eye For Art...An Ear For Music...A Story To Tell

Quick Steph

From the early age of 6 Stephanie wanted to be a dancer after seeing Shanty (A school friend) perform a ballet routine on stage..."I had never seen a ballerina before then and Shanty had this mass of long strwaberry blond hair and looked so graceful and pretty and appeared to be weightless floating around the stage! I knew right then that ballet was something special but didn't have the knowledge to ask anyone if I could do it!"...Stephanie, who did become a dancer much later in life was also a regular viewer of Top Of The Pops spin-off 'Mini Pops' where Stage School kids would impersonate pop stars..."I remember seeing another girl once who looked exactly like me! She was singing and dancing and I knew I could do the same...I wanted so much to be on that programme and I was forever making up dance routines for my friends and for school plays! It felt so natural to me and I loved choreographing and watching everyone else perform them on stage too!"

Joint Effort

Dancing was second nature to Stephanie and was good at it too, and so it was there that Stephanie was singled out to become a gymnast due to her double jointed moves! At the age of seven it was quite an achievement! Stephanie began grading for the BAGA awards and appeared on The South Bank Show...Due to her parents sudden divorce Stephanie stopped training but many years later her good friend Stephen went on to become British Gymnast Champion!

Can Can

Stephanie admits to having had a very funny dance routine that she would perform every time she heard her favourite theme tune on the TV..."As soon as I heard the first note to the TV hit 'Dallas' I would jump off the sofa or from wherever I was at the time and begin kicking my legs high up in the air doing a can-can kind of dance! Because I used to be double jointed I could kick really high and once I kicked my legs up so high that I knocked myself out! I had kicked myelf in the nose and I collapsed!"...Stephanie turned her hand to kick-boxing much later in life after very handliy having a kick boxing instuctor as a friend!  


Stephanie went on to become a club dancer and has also danced at various live gigs, music raves and in a few music videos....Though minimally trained Stephanie has a good natural style and technique and has covered various forms of dance but has never graded unlike her half-sister Kirsty Harris (Family Fame) who trained with the Royal School of Ballet...Kirsty too was singled out for having a remarkable talent after being lucky enough to having had the ballet lessons Stephanie always wanted...Of course, sharing the same mother, Sandra Harris (Family Fame) was herslef once a 'Go-Go' dancer back in the 60's and may just have something to do with their talent!

Souled Out

Stephanie was recently cast in 'Souled Out' an upbeat seventies northern soul film (Latest News) to whereby she has danced/acted in various scenes though you will be lucky to get a glimpse of her..."There were so many people here for some of the scenes that I will be lucky to be seen but none the less I enjoyed filming and even lost a few pounds but put them straight back on with the lovely bread pudding that was laid on by the catering as part of our lunch!"...Souled Out  is currently in post production

Stephanie is still just about able to manage the box splits (Ouch!) as well as being able to dance a little on ballet 'points'...