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Famous Faces

Norah Burns/Howe Singer/Actress...Backstage & Front Of House 'Royal Opera House' Kate Carney Actress/Singer...Music Halls Raymon & Wayne Cuester American Footballers...Various Well Known Teams Mickey Ould Boxer/Actor...Snatch/Etc Johnny & David Ould Actors/Boxers/Bodyguards...Various Boxing Titles (British Heavyweight/Light Heavyweight) Octopussy/the Bill/casualty/Eastenders/Dr Who/The Goodfellows/Gangster No.1/All Saints Patricia Vandenbosch/Cuester Actress/Charity...Various Events/Los Angeles/America Simon Perry Artist/Sculptor/Painter...Oxford/Australia/Melbourne/Who's Who Kirsty Harris Dancer/Horserider...Royal School Of Ballet/Various Gymkanas Peter Harris Dancer/Roadie...The Who/Motorhead/Top Of The Pops Pauline & Sarah Perry Pauline Baroness of Southwark...Wife of 'Jimmy Perry'...Sarah (Daughter) Models/Catwalk/Adverts Raymond Howe Singer/Musician/Artist...Single Release-'Tree Dog Song' Parlephone Records Sandra Howe/Harris Dancer/Go Go Girl...Gary Glitter/Peter Fipps Mary Carpenter Swimmer  Daisy May Ould  Model/Dancer Tilly Rose Ould Model/Dancer Tommy Ould Boxer

Music Halls

Mostly famous for her days in the Music Hall theatre Kate Carney has not been forgotten but remembered well in her hometown of Kerry, Ireland...Kate perfromed in various local venues aswell as The Royal Albert Hall...Canning Town and the Temple in Hammersmith...The town of Kerry has dedicated many memories of Kate Carney via memrobilia and horse and cart rides and so forth...You too can take a step back in time in Kerry and will recieve a warm welcome by the locals who indeed have kept not just kept a memory but kept the spirit and Music Hall cheer and entertainment of Kate Carney alive today.     

Kate Carney...Sister of the Peterson Brothers otherwise known as the Brothers Raynard...Kate married manager George Barclay and celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1935...Sadly, Kate died in 1949 but was still performing right up until her death at the grand old age of 80...Kate is featured in many books and articles.

Rolling Stones

Sandras Brother Raymond Howe was set back in the day to be the next big sensation with his band and single 'The Tree Dog Song'...Touring alongside the Rolling Stones and doing just as well as Mick, long before the Stones became a household name there was every chance of success until Raymonds band lost against the Rolling Stones in a competition in Germany...Mick Jagger and his band unexpectadly turned up very late on stage and looking like vagrants instead of the usual smart look and invitebly stole the show! That was the end of the 'Tree Dog Song' but not the end of Raymonds band who up until recently had been going strong  for all these years. Raymond has since retired from music and since boasts four granchildren to his wife Wendy who had originally set her heart on marrying Mick Jagger!

All That Glitters

Sandra Harris was just 14 when she had her first date with Peter Fipps otherwise known as the drummer of the Gary Glitter band...Sandra subsequently became a 'go-go' dancer and to whom of which danced with her brother (Raymond Howe) and his band and then on after with the likes of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and and in many more bands and clubs. Sandra now owns a farm to which it has been her dream to do so since a little girl but never managed to reach the level of success as she had wished in entertanment...Sandra has two daughters from two different relationships in the past and boasts a very interesting life story.   


Peter Harris, biological father to Kirst Harris  (Stephanie's half sister) toursed regularly as a roadie for many groups including The Who and Motorhead and became well accustomed to the famous lemmy...Peter has enlivened Stephanie with the stories from afar aswell as to the times he danced as a podium dancer for Top Of The Pops! Lemmy gacve Peter his very firts custom hand made bass when lemmy aquired a new one after becoming fairly rich fairly quick...Although it has been given to Stephanie now, it still resides in London with Peter and the memories of sucha  wonderful performer! Thats Lemmy and NOT peter's dancing!

The Who

This is another group that Peter Harris used to tour with...

Boxing Hero's

Johnny and David Ould (The twins) were most renown in their younger years for their professional boxing and trained regularly above the famous Thomas A Beckett pub in The Old Kent Road...Alongside Henry Cooper and amongst others they went on to claim many titles and trophies and respect in the industry including British Light Heavyweight Champion and then began their careers in fim and TV as actors appearing in many shows including Octopussy, Eastenders, Casualty, The Bill, Bob Hoskins The Goodfellows, Dr Who and even on adverts back in the 80's as the 'Kray' twins. The twins went on to also bodyguard the likes of the rich and famous and were last known to be working with the 'All Saints' all girl group a few years ago...Mickey Ould is rumoured to have been cast as a boxer in the well known Guy Ritchie film 'Snatch'... 

Down Under

Simon Perry, son of Jimmy Perry and Baroness Pauline Perry (Nee Bezani) of Oxfordshire went on to become a well known Artist selling sculptors and paintings for many thousands to many lords and ladies alike, and Simons more modern work can now be seen in Melbourne including that of a well known oversized 'purse' that bids as a seat based in the middle of Melbourne town centre aswell as various sculptors/paintings around Britain...Simon can be found listed in an edition of the book of 'Who's Who' aswell as on various websites...Simon can be found nowadays in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and family where he emigrated to some years ago now... Sarah Perry (Sister to Simon) also modelled alongside their mother...

Are You In The Know?

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