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Stephanie has recently finished filming this spectacular Bollywood movie although the crew are still busy filming the last minor details before taking it to the cutting room...Watch out for the cast in this one! You may be a little surprised at the line up including the very English, very well known co-director! And of course, you will see plently of Stephanie in a certain scene that is oh too secret to let out just yet! You'll have to wait for  this one to arrive at the cinema's as Stephanie won't even spill the beans to me on this one!  Awww!  

Bhundi Nites

Bollwood directors love Stephanie Page after she was singled out from hundreds to appear in a few of their films. Watch out for Stephanie playing the 'Girl On Train' in Bhagham Bhag (In english 'Run On Run') in a cinema near you. Stephanie appears throughout the film as the main extra wearing various different outfits and has a small speaking part to which there is a humerous story behind the scene! 

"I found out recently that I'm partially deaf"...says Stephanie who has medium lateral hearing loss of the high frequencies in both ears..."I didn't find out until after filming this particular shoot and as I sat reading the paper on the train as part of the scene, I had to listen out for the main actors cue to come in and do my bit. Well every time he came in, of course I couldn't hear him to which the director was getting a bit frustrated and he began shouting so loud at me that I could feel all my hair blowing on the top of my head. To make matters worse, we hadn't long had our lunch and he had spat something in my eye to which I think was a tiny piece of cucumber? My eye began watering to which the director couldn't stop apologising to me as he thought he had made me cry!" 

Stephanie went on to say that eventually the actor had to bash the table on the train so she could hear when to come in to read her lines to where you will see this in the film..."The funny thing is the scene actually turned out better than it would have done if I hadn't have been partially deaf! For startrers when the actor bashed the table, he hit it so hard that everything flew up in the air! Then I had no instructions on what to do once I had read my lines. I remember just shaking my head and putting itt back in the paper. All of a sudden I heard a roar of laughter coming from the train. I don't know what on earth I done but the crew loved it!"

Bomb Bay

Stephanie says that people of Indian origin have an even stranger sense of humour than the Americans..."They must have a sense of humour as why else would they eat curry for breakfast, curry for lunch, curry for dinner, curry for...!"...Stephanie said that by the end of her few weeks filming of all the Bollywood films that she was in, Stephanie was just glad to come out alive...

"Apart from the crew, I thought all the English people on board were either going to choke to death from the hot spicy curries and trust me...They were hot! Also I got extremely worried when I saw a man wearing what I thought was a bomb strapped to his body. I saw a part of my life flash before me as my life is too complex to have seen it all! When I realsied it was a body suit for the camera to be attached to the camera man I sighed a huge sigh of relief! We were filming at the times of the recent bombings and we were all chatting about this as we awaited our scenes. The problem is we have enough of our own war in our own country between ourselves let alone being under attack from others"

Stephanie reccomends anybody who is trying to lose weight to go grab a role in Bollywood. "I might aswell have been in a sauna from all the sweat from the curries and the fear of being blown up! Still...I had a great time and have never laughed so much especially in the film Cheeni Kum...My on screen fellow thespian friend Nick stole his nans sunglasses that morning after we were told to look different for each scene. He left her virtually blind all day and Nick ended up looking like superman gone wrong! The glasses were all wonky and his eyes looked gigantic! Nick walked this wobbly walk to go with part of the change of character and I laughed so much when he told me that he was only walking like that as he couldn't see where he was going!"...Stephanie says how all the Bollywood crew are really and they were the best curries she has ever eaten.

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