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Doodle Bug

Steph's friends call her 'Beethoven' after his Unfinished Symphony as she has this remarkable habit of starting but never finishing her art work!

The following are an example of what Stephanies 'Doodles' look like and very good doodle's they are too!

Mark Biddis

One day when Stephanie was bored she decided to doodle this cool pencil sketching from a picture she took of an old friend Mark Biddis! Stephanie later took the photo again and began to produce a painting of similar context..."I cannot always just sit down to paint, scultpt or draw as it can frustrate me trying to come up with a good piece of artwork, although I if really wanted to I can if push comes to the shove!"

Stephanie personally beleive's she is at her best when she doesn't feel under pressure to produce a piece of artwork..."Art is very much like my music! It is an emotion, an expression, to whereby at times I just feel compelled and inspired to put pen to paper etc...Its not often I produce what I classify as a 'Good and finished piece of art' but I know over the years people have yet again either taken ideas of mine or if you dont get an idea out quick enough someone somewhere will occasionally come out with more or less the same idea! What I tend to do which you will see a bit later is take an 'Element' of a doodle and actually make a piece of good art from it...That way , my doodles can come to good use!"  

Mark Biddis Photo      


Pencil Etching

Paint Version

Finished Art Piece

The piece below I would love to paint over an area of wall as interior design


Stephanie painted this picture of James back in 2001...The painting is unfinished and the picture is still yet to be uploaded but as you can see, the painting was unfortunatly torn by mistake but Stephanie still agreed to let us upload it here as you get to see a clear style of Stephanie's natural work especially when you look at this painting in accordance with the one of Mark Biddiss above... 


Art Philosophy

For many years since as far back as primary school, Stephanie posessed a natural talent in art and produced various pieces of work, some of which were entered into competition with astonishing results! Again Stephanie was noticed at secondary school with an amazing piece of work that through her art teacher and his contacts, they agreed that Stephanie would re-create for the Tate Gallery (London) a life size sculpture of the smaller replica that she had originally kilned in what she said was just another day at school...

"At the time I thought I was in trouble with my art teacher as he seemed really angry when he picked up my piece of work from the shelf to ask who's it was...Nobody in school history had done anything like this! After slowly admitting it was mine and trust me! It was a really grotesque piece of work as I had sculpted and painted (Blood and guts!) a murdered ladies body so when my art teacher returned with it a couple of weeks later I didn't beleive he was being serious about the Tate Gallery and refused to do it!"

Although Stephanie ignored all requests at the time, Stephanie's art skills are still yet to be discovered but she was able to once make a small living out of Art...

Taking her place as a freelance Artist between 1990-1996 Stephanie mainly covered basic pub&club designs although she has illustrated some poems&books aswell as more recently desigining her own record&cd covers...Stephanie's most famous art piece which she created through sheer boredom at the age of 16 was later used by another unknown artist at the time bringing him literally millions in the art world! Well ahead of her time back then with her 4D Tracy Emins/Damon Hurst style antics but now with her experience a lot more under wraps, Stephanie keeps her ideas to herself but is seriously considering building up her portfolio in order to reinstate herself in the future... 

Watch this space! 

(We are in the process of uploading more work)