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Stephanie has played various roles in different widescreen films, music videos, Stage and TV shows to date including the following...

Robbie Williams She's The One...Oasis Momentum Music...Banzai Channell 4...Big Breakfast Channell 4...Derron Brown Dirty Tricks...Finders Keepers ITV...Goal 2 Widescreen...Bhagam Bhag Widescreen...Cheeni Kum Widescreen...Casino Widescreen...'Olly' Stage Lead...Dirty Angel Music Video...Locutus Baby 'Stage Lead'...Mack The Knife Widescreen...Food Glorious Food Stage Performance...Mad Hatters Tea Party Childrens TV...Royal Hustle Sky TV...Souled Out Widescreen...Victoria Halls Comedy Act...Housefull Widescreen...More details coming soon

Stephanie Qualifies For Equity

Cats Musical

Stephanie On Stage...

...and in the papers!




This was Stephanie's prinicple debut...

...performing as 'Jemima'

The Victoria Halls (Stoke-on-Trent) 


Stephanie has been a keen actress from an early age landing herself many lead roles in school plays and remembering most of the casts lines aswell as her own..."So many people would forget their lines and I just used to whisper them to the cast whilst on stage when they forgot! Nowadays I can barely remember my own name and I always get nervous when auditioning! I always think I'm never going to remember what I have rehearsed but I always do! Well...Most of the time anyway!"

Stephanie had minimal training and says that most of her talent comes from her family blood line of other actors/performers..."I never studied drama nor performed at secondary school as I didn't realise I had talent! Later on though I studied Perfoming Arts at college (Nigel Touch if you're still around...Hi!) and I also went to the D&B Theatre School for a short period...I would have loved to have continued with my acting but I guess I have a good enough excuse as to why I didn't that you will discover in my auto/biography one day!"

Cats Musical

Stephanie On Stage

Another debut performance, interview and picture in the newspaper....




...this time as 'Grizabella'

Regent Theatre (Stoke-on-Trent)

Knowing Me

Stephanie has been recognised for appearing on TV a few occasions now which she says can be really embarassing at the best of times!..."I walked into the loos once when someone recognised me for somthing or another...She was telling everyone whilst I was trying to do my business in the toilet and people wanteed to talk to me whilst I was still sitting on the loo!"...Over the years Stephanie has been recognised from various other work and says that even though she didn't expect it at first, she beleive's it's all part of the job!

"I am quite a friendly person and so I'm used to being fairly popular and known by people locally wherever I'm living at that time! When someone says they recognise me from somewhere if I don't know them, I used to wonder where they meant from and we would usually end up scratching our heads to find the answer!  Often it did happen to have been a programme or something else that they had seen me in and again its quite embarassing as deep down I am very shy and I don't always know what to say to people although my freinds would disagree with that I'm sure! They think I talk too much as it is!"


Stephanie feels it is nice to be recognised for her talent though she clearly states she is not the best but by far not the worst in the world! In fact she often hates being put in the spotlight off stage as she feels like she has to constantly prove herself to people but hopes that if she ever makes celebrity status that the fame won't change her too much as a person..."I never used to want to be famous! I just wanted to be recognised for my talents but it is silly to not take fame into consideration in this job...I have seen so many talented people mess up from this industry that it makes me wonder sometimes why I'm still doing it esp after some of the bad experiences I have had due to fame! Still I think most people would choose it if they could! The problem I have is that I was born with natural talent and it is very difficult to not be an Artist if one was gifted in that area! It's a bit like having a pair of perfectly good legs and no longer  using them so I think it would be very foolish to not take what I have been given to try and succeed!"...We all wish Stephanie the best of luck with her future engagements! 

Cats Musical





Is that...




...we were surprised too at how many people thought this was Joan Collins!

The Real Hustle

Dirty Tricks

The Real Hustle is a more recent programme to be televised that Stephanie has appeared in...Televised on many channels including BBC3/Channel 4/Sky etc Stephanie knew before filming for the show that she would be approached by many as even Stephanie said she herself had been previously fooled by the concepts of Reality TV..."I very rarely watch TV but like everyone else, I truly believed that Reality TV was as it said...Reality! I was shocked to find out that in filming (Without giving away the secrets too much!) that not all is as it seems! I knew though that I was chosen as an actress to play a part in this programme and also what would happen before filming, but the producers did leave a little surprise for us all!

Short Changed

"It was funny at the time as I was expecting something a lot worse than what actually happened but the crew wanted to create an element of surprise within the cast too!"...Stephanie has been approached by many who have seen her on the show which was televised at least twice in the last few months over Christmas 2006/2007..."People keep coming up to me thinking that I was tricked in the street and they keep jesting with me! I don't tell them all that I was paid as an actress to appear in the show and I play along with it sometimes! I have told some though as it does get kind of embarassing at times! For instance one guy who works behind the bar of a local nightclub tried to pull a similar trick on me and shortchanged me! I knew he was up to something as he was laughing away and acting very strangely indeed! I didn't know what he was doing though until he told me to check my change! He too thought that I had been genuinally had in the street until I explained my job!"

Cats Musical

Having a mid-show breather...

...that suit looks hot!








Outside the Regent Theatre...